Introducing mini gardens for small spaces by BalconyOfJoy

BalconyOfJoy’s mini gardens are designed for small spaces. Living thriving gardens for indoors, tables, balconies and office desks.

The designers of mini gardens deeply believe in two ideas-

  1. Gardens for every space: Big or small, indoors or outdoors, a small table or a balcony, every space deserves a beautiful garden
  2. Joyful Everyday: Gardens bring JOY

These ideas have been the guiding principles in conceptualizing and developing mini gardens. Each mini garden is a modular and ready to use garden.

What makes a MINI GARDEN special?

Fit in a small space: Having a garden right at home NEED ONLY A SMALL SPACE. It can be as small as a corner of a study table, center of dining table, a corner in the living room, kitchen window or a balcony. These mini gardens are even perfect for office desks!

Contains more than one plant: Mini gardens are designed to have multiple plants. The arrangement and design has been done for you. All you need to do is to select your favorite plants and your garden is ready!

Comes with free pots: Yes! All mini gardens from BalconyOfJoy, come with FREE POTS. Smallest pots are of 3 Inch height, these are perfect for succulents and cacti. Bigger pots are of 5 Inch height, these are good for herbs, small indoors or flowering plants. Some Mini Gardens also come with self-watering pots, which are a new age innovation. For each design, you can choose from multiple pots color options. SWEET!

Is easy to maintain: BalconyOfJoy’s mini gardens are designed to be low maintenance. Gardening is no longer a labour intensive work, no more scary tiring maintenance work. Indulge in garden care for only a few minutes on weekends and your plants will grow well.

Keeps surrounding Clean: Mini gardens come with two kinds of pots. Some variation comes with self-watering pots, which have a water tray attached at the bottom while other pots come with a layer of geo-textile fabric. This fabric allows easy drainage of excess water at the bottom but DO NOT ALLOW THE SOIL TO DRAIN OUT. You will not find any soil spot beneath or around your mini garden. What a JOY!

Is sturdy and long lasting: Body of mini gardens are made up of strong metal for STURDINESS AND STRENGTH. You will pleasantly find that all mini-gardens have excellent grip on regular surfaces. To prevent rusting, color coat is applied using powder coating technique. This coat is tougher than conventional paint. Amazingly you will also find this coat to be very smooth.

Creates fresh environment: Air quality is decaying day by day. Expensive air purifiers have flooded the market. However, plants have remained the best and most cost effective natural air purifiers. You should GROW AIR PURIFYING INDOOR PLANTS IN YOUR FAVORITE MINI GARDEN.. and keep it right beside you!

Looks beautiful and enhance the decor: Designers have paid close attention to aesthetics of mini gardens. These have been carefully designed, each segment in perfect proportion and with utmost craftsmanship.

The truth is, BalconyOfJoy’s mini-gardens bring BEST OF EVERYTHING.

If you have secretly desired to have a garden right at your home or office, then these mini gardens are for YOU!

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  • Select from wide range of Mini Gardens
  • You can order from BalconyOfJoy, Flipkart or Amazon
  • Each Mini Garden comes with free pots. These pots are made from high quality UV treate plastic. Color of these pots does not fade away for long time even under Sun unlike regular pots.
  • With the purchase of every Mini Garden, you are also eligible to get free copy of KITCHEN GARDENING MINI HANDBOOK. To claim your copy of this ebook, kindly Whatsapp message us the order Id and email AFTER you receive the product on +91-9689071998. We will email you the ebook within 2 weeks from the delivery date of the Mini-Garden.

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