Learn Organic Kitchen Gardening


Most of the vegetables in market are grown using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals are very harmful for us. If that is not enough, on an average it takes 4-6 days for vegetables to reach market from the farms. Veggies lose lots of vital nutrients during this time even in cold storage.

Many of us have wished time and time again, to grow our own vegetables right at home. But could not do it for reasons like:

  1. Lack of gardening knowledge
  2. Lack of space
  3. Lack of time
  4. Unwillingness to indulge in physical labour

If you have ever desired to grow fresh and pure vegetables right at your home, in spite of your busy schedule, small space and without indulging in too much physical work, we have launched this ebook just for you.

This is a practical handbook. You will learn the fundamental principles of organic gardening. This ebook will take you through a step by step process to learn as well as setup your own kitchen garden. And guess what, you can do it all in one afternoon!

So, what all will you learn in this ebook?

Organic Soil: The importance of rich soil and how to create organic soil mix using natural ingredients. How the quality of soil affects the harvest and what can you do to improve it.

Seeds: Different types of seeds and which seeds should be used by the beginners. You will also learn the art of sowing and how to care during initial days for healthy saplings.

Seasons: What climatic parameters should be considered for gardening. How they affect the garden.

Watering: What is the right way to water your plants. When to water and how to water. How water and seasons all work together to bloom your garden.

Growth & Care: How can you take care of your garden in simple steps and with least amount of efforts. What things will make your garden grow beautiful in no time.

Set Up Your Garden: A ready to use step by step process to set up your garden. A list of everything that you will need. A complete checklist.

In short, you will learn everything you need to know to get started with your own kitchen garden. So, if you have secretly desired to have your own kitchen garden, all pure and fresh, here is your chance to click the buton below and grab a copy of this amazing ebook now.

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