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For those who have experienced it, the joy of gardening is boundless. There is something deeply satisfying in the touch of soil, caring for plants, watch them grow and having a lush garden right at home. We at BalconyOfJoy, have been part of gardening journey of many of you for quite sometime now. We have designed gardens, setup and installed gardens, maintained gardens, designed new gardening products, organised workshop and curate awesome gardenign products on our online store. While doing all this, we have regularly discussed your requirements and issues related to gardening. Many of our in-house designed products have in-fact, came into being in response to your requirements. We have also learnt from you, that there is a general lack of authentic gardening knowledge, which actually work. Here at Knowledge Centre, we are creating an open repository of scientifically accurate and easy to use gardening content, free and accessible for all. We invite your suggestions, comments, love and hugs in the comment section below.

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