Four super interesting books on trees and gardening


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Well written books are treasure in themselves. However it is difficult to find the ones which are of real values. Out of all the books that we have read in past year or so on plant life, trees and gardening, we found these four super interesting.

1. The Hidden Life of Trees

This is a well researched fascinating book written by German ecologist Peter Wohlleben. It describes the life of tress in jungle as a social and community driven species.

This book take us through a mysterious journey into the life of trees. The way elder trees protect the younger ones, how individual tree learn to protect itself, how they exhibit social behavior and how these magnificent beings live in complete balance with mother nature.

If its not for this book, we would have never been able to appreciate the enormous life activities that goes within the Jungles, all hidden from us.

It is essentially a science book written to be as interesting as a bestselling novel!! We highly recommend this book to anyone who love nature and its mysterious.


2. Jungle Trees of Central India: A Field Guide for Tree Spotters

Author Pradip Krishen details numerous trees in this book. 'Jungle trees of Central India' is very well structured, easy to read, filled with beautiful photographs and offers cues to identify tress.

It is a field guide. You will easily be able to recognize various trees and a lot of their characterstics with the help of this book. This book should be on the bookshelf and in the travel bag of every tree lover!


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3. Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture - 2nd Edition

Though this book is not written for Indian conditions, but we found it very well written and informative to learn Permaculture and gardening principles. It is a very comprehensive book and cover almost everything you need to learn as a home gardener.

This book is an international best-seller, well researched and discuss the concepts in a very easy manner. The depth and width of topic covered in this book makes it a must read. No matter what gardening question you have in mind, this book answers them all.


4. Sacred Plants of India

Nanditha Krishna, author of this book, is a historian, environmentalist, and writer. This well researched book bring the confluence of aspects of Indian culture and amazing plants of India.

This book gives excellent details about socio-cultural importance of trees around which many of us have spent our lives. Trees like Banyan, Pipal and Ashoka which we found all around us, are re-introduced to us in fascinating way. Its not only the quality of research that we found interesting but also the train of thoughts we went through while reading this book was something we would love to relive again and again.

This book comes highly recommended. Keep it as a reference book for times to come or gift it to your loved ones.


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