Why Mini Gardens Are The Best Gardens For Balconies and Indoors?

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Have you desired to set up a small garden in your balcony, window, or indoors in the corner of the living room but could never really go ahead with it? Or, maybe you have brought in some plants but somehow never felt deeply satisfied with the arrangement.

If your answer is yes, then you may have one of the following worries:

  1. Watering: Will I have to spend lots of time to water all these plants?
  2. Daily Care: I don't think I will be able to care for these plants daily? What about the nutrients and fertilizers?
  3. Aesthetics: Will my garden look good, or will it have soil spots all around? Which pots and planters will be best for my garden?
  4. Small space: My balcony is tiny; can I really have a beautiful garden in such little space? Can I set up an indoor garden? Will an indoor garden be untidy?
  5. Knowledge: Which plants are best for this location? Which herbs should I grow? Will these plants grow and bloom? What kind of seeds, soil, and nutrients are required?
  6. Vacation Care: Who will water and take care of these plants when I am away on vacation?

If you want to set up a hassle-free garden and experience the joy of gardening without having all these worries, you should continue reading.

BalconyOfJoy's mini gardens are designed for small spaces. Living thriving gardens for indoors, tables, balconies, and office desks.

The designers of mini gardens deeply believe in two ideas-

  1. Gardens for every space: Big or small, indoors or outdoors, a small table or a balcony, every space deserves a beautiful garden
  2. Joyful Everyday: Gardens bring JOY

These ideas have been the guiding principles in conceptualizing and developing mini gardens. Each mini garden is a modular and ready to use garden.

What makes a MINI GARDEN special?

Fit in a small space: Having a garden right at home NEED ONLY A SMALL SPACE. It can be as small as a corner of a study table, center of the dining table, a corner in the living room, kitchen window, or a balcony. These mini gardens are even perfect for office desks. You should never again worry about having only a small space for gardening. Mini-Gardens allows you to grow, harvest, and indulge in something meaningful right at your home!

Contains more than one plant: Mini gardens are designed to have multiple plants. The arrangement and design have been done for you. Each Mini-Garden is a complete gardening kit. You can grow a variety of plants together in one place. All you need to do is to select your favorite plants, and your garden is ready. Now you can easily set up an indoor garden, herb garden, flower garden, indoor cactus garden, or a mix of all these. Whatever you love!

Comes with free pots: Yes! All mini gardens from BalconyOfJoy, come with FREE POTS. Each mini garden contains multiple types of pots. Each pot has its purpose. Smallest pots are of 3 Inch height; these are perfect for growing succulents and cacti. You can easily build an indoor cactus garden in these pots. Succulents and Cactus do not need water for many days. Bigger pots are of 5 Inch height; these are good to grow herbs, small indoor plants, small houseplants, and flowering plants. Self-watering pots of height 5 inch and 4 inch, these pots are a new-age innovation. These self-watering pots have a built-in water reservoir at the bottom. This water reservoir can store and supply water to plants for a few days. Perfect for those days when you are away on vacation. For each design, you can choose from multiple pots color options. SWEET!

Is easy to maintain: BalconyOfJoy's mini gardens are designed to be low maintenance. Gardening is no longer a labour-intensive work, no more scary tiring maintenance work—just the pleasure of growing greens. Indulge in garden care for only a few minutes on weekends and your plants will grow well. Since Mini-Gardens are modular and easy to maintain, you can simply keep them to your neighbour's place when you go out on vacations. It's very less work for them to care for these, and you can be sure that all your lovely plants are being taken care of. Growing greens was never so easy. Having all the plants together in a modular way has its own wonderful merits!

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Keeps surrounding Clean: Mini gardens come with three kinds of pots. Each pot comes with a piece of geo-textile fabrics. Some variation comes with self-watering pots, which have a water tray attached at the bottom while other pots come with a layer of geo-textile fabric. This fabric allows easy drainage of excess water at the bottom but DO NOT ALLOW THE SOIL TO DRAIN OUT. You will not find any soil spot beneath or around your mini garden. What a JOY!

Is sturdy and long lasting: Mini gardens are made up of strong metal for STURDINESS AND STRENGTH. You will pleasantly find that all mini-gardens have excellent grip on regular surfaces. To prevent rusting, color coat is applied using powder coating technique. This coat is tougher than conventional paint. Amazingly you will also find this coat to be very smooth. These are a very high-quality gardening kit.

Creates fresh environment: Air quality is decaying day by day. Expensive air purifiers have flooded the market. However, plants have remained the best and most cost-effective natural air purifiers. Having an indoor garden, a balcony garden, or window garden is a pure blessing. You should GROW AIR PURIFYING INDOOR PLANTS IN YOUR FAVORITE MINI GARDEN.. and keep it right beside you. These mini-gardens can also be kept in kitchen window. You should grow nutrients rich fresh herbs in them. When these herbs will be ready for harvest, you will surprisingly find the joy of harvesting is a pure blessing! Words can not explain it. It did not surprised us when one of our community members said that "every kitchen should have a herb garden".

Looks beautiful and enhance the decor: Designers have paid close attention to aesthetics of mini gardens. These Mini-Gardens have been carefully designed, each segment in perfect proportion and with utmost craftsmanship. You will find growing houseplants very easy in them. In a small space not only you will get a beautiful garden but also a garden to grow everything you like. Indoor garden can now really enhance the decor. You should start an indoor garden today!

The truth is, BalconyOfJoy's mini-gardens bring BEST OF EVERYTHING. Anyone who understands the importance of gardening will find these Mini-Gardens useful for all types of garden. BalconyOfJoy's Mini-Gardens are indeed best for home gardening.

As if this is not enough, here is something to delight you today! With every Mini-Garden you can also get a free copy of 'Kitchen Gardening Mini Handbook'. All you have to do is to send the order id after you receive your package. BalconyOfJoy team will email you the ebook within two weeks, all free of cost!

In this ebook, you will learn the fundamental principles of organic gardening. Everything you wanted to learn about soil, seeds, nutrients, vegetables, herbs, leafy greens and much more.

If you have secretly desired to have a garden right at your home or office, then these mini gardens are just for YOU!

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