These house plants are beautiful but non-edible and toxic


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With a wide variety of plants being available in nurseries, we are spoilt for the choices. We usually discuss about plants care, growth and maintenance, but forget to ask about toxicity. We call them 'house plants' because they are being sold as 'house plants'!! Enjoy their beauty and advantages, but be sure that you know if they are toxic. Kids and pests can easily get affected otherwise.

Monstera deliciosa

This is a beautiful plants and very much marketed by nurseries for its beauty. However this plant is mildly toxic when consumed.

It is mildly toxic to human, and toxic to both dogs and cats. Educate your kids not to admire its beauty but not to eat. Be careful if you have pets at home.


Peace Lily

This plant is toxic if accidentally consumed. Sap from its stem can also cause skin irritation to some.


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Money Plant

This evergreen vine is everywhere and does not need any introduction. It is easy to grow and live long. These are only mildly toxic. But for kids and pests, can cause significant adverse affects if consumed.

Severity also depends on how much is consumed.


Snake Plant

These beautiful air purifying plants are commonly found in indoor decor. These are mildly toxic if consumed or ingested and can cause nausea, vomiting and even diarrhea.


Some Tips

These and many other house plants available in plant nurseries can be toxic to varying degrees. Kids and pests are at higher risks to these plants if they consume them unknowingly. Always spend time with your kids and educate them.

Toxic reaction usually depends on the quantity of the plants ingested, time passed since ingestion and individual reaction to the toxins present in the plants among other factors.

Before buying a plant, discuss its toxicity with the nursery you are buying from. These plants are not toxic on touch, but only when consumed.

University of California has a list of toxic plants which you can refer when you buy plants. However the list may not contain many plants available to us here in India.

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