White Geotextile Fabric 150 GSM For Clean Drainage 5 x 5 Sq Feet

  • Geotextile fabric allows excess water to drain out of the pot but do not allow soil to drain out. Thus it keep the area clean.
  • Geotextile fabric is used at the bottom of pots.
  • No soil drains out of the pot, so there will be no dirty soil spots at the bottom.
  • Size of the fabric is 5 x 5 feet ( L x W)

Buy Geotextile Fabric Online India

Geotextile fabrics allow water to pass through them but not the soil. Thus we recommend using them at the bottom of your pots. This way, excess water will be drained out of the pot but soil will not drain out. Hence you will have clean space without any soil spots, protection against drainage clogging due to soil as well as healthy plants. Buy geotextile fabric online in India at BalconyOfJoy.

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