BalconyOfJoy's Soil Potting Mix Ready To Use Complete Natural Fertilizer 900 Grams

  • Completely natural and does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • It is a source of all kind of nutrients and microbes that garden soil requires.
  • Contains cocopeat, vermicompost, cow manure, dry leaves, fresh neem leaves, steamed bonemeal, wood ash and perlite.
  • Mix it with equal amount ofgarden soil i.e. in 1:1 proportion.
  • Perfect for flowering plants, indoor plants and foliage plants.
  • Has good water holding capacity.
  • Provides all nutrients to plants
  • Actual weight may vary due to loss of moisture over time.

BalconyOfJoy's Enriched Vermicompost 900 Grams

  • Superior quality vermicompost from BalconyOfJoy.
  • Made from organic materials using earthworm action.
  • Perfect nutrient source for flowering plants, non-flowering plants, herbs and vegetable plants.
  • It is a natural, chemical free and complete plant food.
  • It improves soil fertility and promotes root growth.
  • Excellent source of nitrogen for plants.
  • Actual weight may vary due to loss of moisture over time.

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Natural composts and manure enrich the soil, help a plant to live long healthy life and helps in the formation of a sustainable eco-system. We at BalconyOfJoy offer all types of composts, manures and soil mixes required for balcony gardens, terrace gardens, vegetable gardens and kitchen gardens. Buy composts and manure for gardening online in India at BalconyOfJoy.

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