BalconyOfJoy's Organically Enriched Premium Amrit Mitti Garden Soil 900 grams

  • This is an organically enriched garden soil from from chemical fertilizers.
  • It contains soil, cocopeat, bonemeal, decomposed cattle manure, vermicompost, pseudomonas, trichodermas, azospirillum, phosphobacteria, cinnamon, charcoal and rice husk.
  • This garden soil is perfect for flowering plants, foliage plants, vegetable plants and herbs.
  • Complete soil for balcon gardens and terrace gardens.
  • Ready to use, no need to add any extra fertilizers.
  • This soil has been enriched organically over a period of 100 days.

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Good quality of soil is the fundation of a healthy plants and lush gardens. We at BalconyOfJoy offers natural and chemical free soil. You can choose from a collection of red soil, naturally enriched Amrit mitti or a variety of substrates like cocopeat, all created from organic materials.

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