BalconyOfJoy's Organically Enriched Premium Amrit Mitti Garden Soil 900 grams

  • This is an organically enriched garden soil from from chemical fertilizers.
  • It contains soil, cocopeat, bonemeal, decomposed cattle manure, vermicompost, pseudomonas, trichodermas, azospirillum, phosphobacteria, cinnamon, charcoal and rice husk.
  • This garden soil is perfect for flowering plants, foliage plants, vegetable plants and herbs.
  • Complete soil for balcon gardens and terrace gardens.
  • Ready to use, no need to add any extra fertilizers.
  • This soil has been enriched organically over a period of 100 days.

BalconyOfJoy's Soil Potting Mix Ready To Use Complete Natural Fertilizer 900 Grams

  • Completely natural and does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • It is a source of all kind of nutrients and microbes that garden soil requires.
  • Contains cocopeat, vermicompost, cow manure, dry leaves, fresh neem leaves, steamed bonemeal, wood ash and perlite.
  • Mix it with equal amount ofgarden soil i.e. in 1:1 proportion.
  • Perfect for flowering plants, indoor plants and foliage plants.
  • Has good water holding capacity.
  • Provides all nutrients to plants
  • Actual weight may vary due to loss of moisture over time.

BalconyOfJoy's Enriched Vermicompost 900 Grams

  • Superior quality vermicompost from BalconyOfJoy.
  • Made from organic materials using earthworm action.
  • Perfect nutrient source for flowering plants, non-flowering plants, herbs and vegetable plants.
  • It is a natural, chemical free and complete plant food.
  • It improves soil fertility and promotes root growth.
  • Excellent source of nitrogen for plants.
  • Actual weight may vary due to loss of moisture over time.

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Soil is the mother. A fertile, nutrient rich garden soil gives birth to healthy plants. We offer all natural soil, compost, vermi-compost, manure, cow manure, bonemeal, jivamrit, cocopeat, potting soil, neem cakes and much more. Buy manure, compost and garden soil mix online at BalconyOfJoy.

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